808s / Everything Changes But The Music

Everything Changes But The Music (Part 1)

No matter what is happening in your life, whether good or bad, where you are in the world, or who you are with, the one thing that will send you back to those key moments in your life is the music you were listening to. Some see pictures, videos and people as the main cues for memories, but those are literally copies of the events. They don’t give you feeling of a time or place that a certain song, album or band can give you. I thought I might kick off the blog again with a series of articles on the songs and artists that send me back, and give me a feeling, rather than just the memory.

Take That – Everything Changes – 1994

Kicking things off is the earliest memory of music I have. Take That, and especially the Robbie classic Everything Changes, were the first group I could ever have been considered a fan of. I may not have owned an album until their Greatest Hits as they split in 1996, but I was 5, I didn’t know what that meant! Dancing around the living room to this, It Only Takes a Minute and Relight My Fire, my ‘break dancing’ would be best described as rolling around on the floor (The DJ at one of my birthday parties asked my mum if I was having a seizure or something if that helps with perspective). I didn’t care. I was too young to know what they were going on about, but I wanted to be in Take That, doing the dance routines and singing the catchiest pop tunes of the mid 90s. Now when I hear the first few lines of Everything Changes, I’m sent back to that time, and to my family.

Take That have been the one constant musical connection between my Brother, Mum, Dad and Me. Their Greatest Hits was always played in our house, along with Robbie Williams’ albums, songs like No Regrets and Feel taking us right through to 2005 when the band returned better than ever. I’d probably say that in the past 5 years, The Circus is the most played album in our house, the opening guitar strums of Greatest Day making all 3 of us (Matthew my brother had already left for Uni at this point) stop and live for that epic chorus moment.

Seeing both of their tours has only increased the connection I have with Take That and my family, the fact that all 4 of us experienced The Circus tour together made it literally one of the Greatest Day’s of our lives. Hearing Everything Changes sung by the band earlier this year though was the ultimate moment for me. Hearing ‘We said goodbye, the Taxi cab is waiting’ was enough to send me right back to where my ‘musical journey’ began. It’s not my favourite song from the band, but it’s definitely the most important to me.

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