I am Sam, this is my blog.

I have been writing about videogames for around 7 years, working for various websites and publications. Reviews, news, event coverage and interviews I have dabbled in just about everything and played my fair share of games along the way. I have performed duties as Co-Editor on Nukoda.com as well as worked as the Science & Technology Editor for the University of Birmingham student newspaper Redbrick. I have also worked in QA for the past year.

But games are not my only passion, which is why 8oh8s exists. It is a platform for me to discuss, rant and hopefully form a well rounded opinion on topics including but not limited to Music, TV, Theatre and Gaming.

Everything that appears on 8oh8s is written by me and written for me. Be sure to follow me of twitter at @Atkins_Sam for more of my pointless opinions.


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