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The World’s Greatest Hits: Abbey Road – The Beatles

Abbey Road  – The Beatles – 1969

Claimed Sales: 30m

First listen?: Yes

Format Listened?: Apple Music

It seems fitting to begin with only the second pre 70s album that has certifiable sales anywhere close to this list, once again being an album from the originators of pop as we know it. Abbey Road may not have technically been the final studio album released by the The Beatles but its place as their final recordings as a full four piece is undisputed. The fact that the run of short interlinked tracks that close side 2 culminates in The End makes Abbey Road feel like the true final chapter for the biggest band in history. This run of styles and tempos is disjointed, but remains exciting throughout. It’s like looking into a jamming session of 4 strikingly different musicians as songs end before they reach a hook and some don’t even bother to go anywhere at all. As an ‘outsider’ to the Beatles legacy, in as much that this was my very first time through Abbey Road, I personally much prefer the Lennon/Harrison tracks to the McCartney/Starr ones. I’m not hugely sold on the plinky plonky Beatles songs like the infamous Maxwell’s Silver Hammer while Octopus’s Garden sounds baffling just a few songs after the opening run of Come Together and Something. The first of these a triumphant bluesy hit and the latter one of two standout George Harrison written tracks here. It captures some of that same magic that made Sgt Pepper’s such a landmark album, but for me there’s a few too many tracks I wasn’t a fan of to put it up there with their most iconic album.

Rating: 7/10

Will I listen again?: I’m probably going to make more of an effort to listen to albums from The Beatles, it really is ridiculous that I’ve only ever heard a handful of them.

Best Track: Something is a wonderfully written song and it’s telling that it sounds great sung by the likes of Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra and most famously Shirley Bassey. The original version remains beautifully touching though.

One thought on “The World’s Greatest Hits: Abbey Road – The Beatles

  1. First three reviews I have read you have rated a 7/10. Interesting. This album is a classic — I think you will like it more on a second or third listen — especially that second side.

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