The World's Greatest Hits

The World’s Greatest Hits: Intro

Nearly a year after I dived back into the biggest selling albums of all time in the UK I’ve decided to expand my horizons as far as they can go. The World’s Greatest Hits aims to be an ongoing yearly series, where I choose a specific selection of hugely popular albums and share my thoughts on them, whether it’s my very first listen, or my 100th. In 2017 I’ve decided to go all in and listen to every album that is claimed to have sold over 20 million copies worldwide. These figures are nowhere near ‘accurate’, which is why I’ve carefully used the word claimed to describe their sales. Of course, given the sheer size of the US music market these 46 albums appear here mainly due to their success in America. Nowhere else in the world can albums sell over 10 million copies for instance, with most of these records doing exactly that. What they all share though is a level of popularity that places them among the most well known albums in the world.

The fact I’ve never even tried to listen to most of the albums I’ll be covering this year will be baffling to most readers, but that’s part of the fun. As always, I’ll be recording my daily progress over on Twitter (@Atkins_Sam) where I’ll also be adding any additional thoughts on the albums as the series goes on. There will be one article every weekday for the next 9 weeks, so this is by far the biggest blog series I’ve ever attempted. It’s going to be tough, but worth it.

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