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100 Plays Later: Takin’ Back My Love (Feat. Ciara) – Enrique Iglesias

100 Plays Later is a series that is exactly how it sounds. I try to explain how I’ve managed to reach a century of plays on songs you may not even recognise. Or explain what it’s like to listen back to my favourite songs for the 238th time. 

Takin’ Back My Love (Feat. Ciara) – Enrique Iglesias- 114 Plays

Just months after we’d first heard the now iconic ‘RedOne’ intro that would kick start a certain Lady’s worldwide domination, this juggernaut of a pop record took things to a whole new level. By far the best ‘Shout out all of your names’ openings that pop music has seen in the last 10 years, Takin’ Back My Love is an underrated classic.

Enrique is smoking hot; Ciara is smoking hot; it’s a smoking hot duet that has both taking shots at each other with a fiery passion. The hook is undeniable, where the song builds and builds to a thumping final chorus courtesy of that now industry standard RedOne production. The ‘I give it all UP’ moment is what pushes Takin’ Back My Love over the edge for me, part of the reason it’s one of the 6 Ciara songs that have over 100 plays in my iTunes library. It’s certainly an anomaly for Enrique, who only even appeared in my library because of this song. Takin’ Back My Love is a banger, one that plays to the strengths of both acts, most obviously in the steamy video that accompanied the single.

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