100 Plays Later / 808s

100 Plays Later: No Way – Lady Gaga

100 Plays Later is a series that is exactly how it sounds. I try to explain how I’ve managed to reach a century of plays on songs you may not even recognise. Or explain what it’s like to listen back to my favourite songs for the 238th time.


No Way – Lady Gaga – 119 Plays

The only song that would qualify for this series that has never received an official release, No Way is a demo recorded by Lady Gaga and offered to other acts, but then thought to have been planned for The Fame Monster. The version I have on iTunes still has those ‘HEY EVERYONE I’M SOME DJ’ interjections every 10 seconds, but even this wasn’t enough for me to listen to this song nearly as much as any proper Gaga single. It’s so refreshing to hear Gaga on such a straightforward mid tempo pop ballad. She’s had enough, she’s finally going to leave, it’s a pretty typical song in most respects, but back in 2009 it was a hidden gem among the more polished, but more polarizing main album tracks.

I know that there are better versions of this track online, the one linked below is a bit higher in pitch, but doesn’t have any of the DJ trademarks all over it, but over 100 plays in I couldn’t hear No Way any other way. To me it feels like the perfect accompaniment to The Fame Monster, where it would probably have made a more fitting closing track than the brilliant, but jarring Teeth. The artwork above is the one I’ve had No Way listed under on my iTunes too, the alternate Fame Monster cover used for the ‘Fame Monster Bonus Tracks’ album. It’s strange that this rough, unreleased song sits side by side with some of the biggest hits of the last decade in my library, but for me, this was the song that was never allowed to be the hit it deserved to be. A Gaga classic most of you won’t have even heard of.

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