Robyn and Röyksopp are releasing an album: 5 reasons you should be excited.

RobynRoyksopp1404141) Its Robyn!

Songs as good as Be Mine, With Every Heartbeat, Show Me Love, Dancing On My Own or Konichiwa Bitches (I could go on all day) rarely appear this often in an artist’s discography. She hasn’t dropped the ball yet, despite numerous times when she could have, so you should have faith that Do It Again will be very very good.

2) The Body Talk trilogy was 4 years ago.

Considering Robyn waited 5 years following her eponymous 4th album and 2010’s Body Talk trilogy I had a feeling it would take just as long for new music this time around. She may have been touring constantly – support slots for Katy Perry and Coldplay among an endless line of shows across the world – plus her recent feature on the Nenah Cherry album but we haven’t had a full new Robyn song since Call Your Girlfriend. Body Talk ‘s three album release structure added a fresh new perspective to her music and helped to extend its life way into 2011, so now seems like the perfect time for some new music.

3) Röyksopp have an excellent track record working with her.

Yes, Röyksopp may have only worked with Robyn on two songs before this, but both of them are brilliant for very different reasons. None of Dem was one of the most intriguing moments of the Body Talk campaign, a grungy, moody dance track that contrasted well sandwiched between the straight up pop of Cry When You Get Older and the reggae tinged Dancehall Queen. It’s the moment where everything builds up at the end that really sells it though. Röyksopp know their way around a euphoric ‘take off’ and None of Dem transforms into an uplifting anthem by the end. Of course their biggest addition to Robyn’s repertoire has been the impossibly tragic The Girl And The Robot. It’s one of her best songs, standing toe to toe with the likes of Be Mine and Dancing On My Own in how effortlessly it mixes heartbreak and throbbing dance music. Röyksopp meld the vocal track in constantly exciting ways, never needing to interrupt that thudding synth throughout. You’ll be wiping away tears on the dancefloor, who knew robot love could be this heartbreaking. If there are any songs as good as None Of Dem or The Girl And The Robot on Did It Again we might just have a future Robyn classic on there.

4) A 5 track album means there’s a lot more to come.

Some of you may be wondering if it’s worth getting this excited about just 5 new songs, but as Robyn proved with the Body Talk albums sometimes that’s all you need. The original Body Talk only had 6 proper songs and by the third instalment there were only 4 new songs. The biggest thing this means is that Do It Again probably won’t be the last music we hear from Robyn this year, I’m sure we will see the proper follow up to Body Talk some time in 2014. These 5 tracks give the joint tour the trio are currently preparing for some more traction, making it a much more cohesive show for those in the audience. As long as these 5 tracks are good, which is a pretty pointless statement when it comes to these artists, it’ll be more than enough to tide fans over before Robyn’s next proper album release.

5) The previews so far sound incredible.

Rumours of a joint album were compounded once a trailer for the Do It Again tour was released, with brand new music from the group to accompany. Sayit, as the song is now known to be, sounds frenetic, wild and more akin to songs like Bad Gal and Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do, some of Robyn’s strangest hits. Thudding bass and robotic vocals, it sounds very promising from that brief clip. The snippet above of opening track Monument takes a wholly different approach. It’s much more restrained, with looped vocal samples and a repeating bassline making for a textured and intricate sound. Monument doesn’t really sound like anything Robyn has done before, this is definitely a Röyksopp track. Being taken off guard by the subtlety of the song is certainly refreshing, in a time in music where bigger is usually acknowledged as better, a track like Monument stands out. As snippets for the full tracks go, both Sayit and Monument deliver something unexpected, while leaving enough to be heard on the full release.

It doesn’t come as much surprise that Robyn and  would team up for an album, but the small length and sudden announcement only add to the excitement that was already building. These 5 songs could become the spring board for Robyn’s next full studio album, or they might just be the result of messing around in the studio after the show. Either way, you should be excited for Do It Again, I know I am.

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