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Top 25 Games Intro

So as promised this is the start of probably the toughest list for me to make thus far. After going through my favourite Albums and Songs, I wanted to make a definitive list of my favourite games, some of which I’ve spent hundreds of hours of my life playing. From the outset you’ll notice that I have a few favourite series, though picking between the games in those is impossibly hard. As I write this, I’m still wondering whether I should change some games round, and whether some of my favourites should have made the cut or not. I’ll be keeping the same format again, so expect 10 separate posts with at least two extra posts to cover the rest of my top 25. Also I’m not going to restrict each post to 100 words, not that I managed that last time anyway, as this is the first time I’m mentioning some of these games and they deserve so much more than just a few words. Without further ado, let’s kick things off…

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