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Top 10 Games – #10

Half-Life 2 – Valve – 2004 – PC, Xbox, Xbox 360, PS3

A true modern classic in every sense of the word, Valve were onto something when they launched the original Half-Life back in 1998. What they were onto turned out to be Half-Life 2, the best FPS in history and one of the most evocative and thrilling journeys in gaming. The gravity gun, the shotgun rampage through Ravenholm, G-Man’s sudden appearances, Alyx Vance and the rest of the incredible cast; the list is never ending. It’s the little things that get me in Half-Life 2 though, the sense of dread whenever one of City 17’s soldiers squawks over the radio; the sound of emptiness right before a grenade detonates; escaping from enemies health running low and cracking open a crate with your crowbar to find a much needed health pack. As a single player adventure, Half-Life 2 is as good as it gets. A terrifying, exciting and thought provoking game from one of the industry’s most well respected developers. It’s hard to stay mad at the delays facing the new game when said dev team can make something as timeless as this.
How can I play it? – Best option is to download the Orange Box on Steam which includes this and both of the sequel episodes. If Steam isn’t an option, the 360 and PS3 versions are great too.

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