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Who deserves to win Best New Artist at the Grammys 2012?

I must have looked very stupid following my 2011 Grammy predictions, where I said the award was Bieber’s to win and eventual winner Esperanza Spalding was just included to round out the numbers…but the rest of the internet was as surprised as me with the eventual result. This year is just as difficult to judge, with artists from 4 very different genres competing for an award that’s truly anyone’s to take.

The Band Perry

Representing country much like Lady Antebellum,The Zac Brown Band and Taylor Swift before them, riding high on the success of crossover hit ‘If I Die Young’ The Band Perry gain a nomination despite releasing their debut single in 2009. With a sweetness about them, despite the heavy subject matter of their major hit, the female led group are your basic country offering and it’s obvious why they got a nomination here. It’s hard to imagine them winning the award on the night, given that they seem to lack that same spark as the previous nominees I listed above.

Bon Iver

An obvious nominee and potential winner given an appearance in the Record and Song categories, but are Bon Iver really a new artist? Their debut album was released in 2009, the current album being their second, unlike the other nominees on their first. But with the changes to the rules last year following GaGa’s lack of a nomination, Bon Iver’s breakthrough in 2011 is what is being rewarded here. With the best album, song and potential of any nominee here they would thoroughly deserve a win tonight.

J. Cole

J. Cole may have scored a huge debut number 1 album in the US but to those of us in the UK he’s an unknown quantity. Signed to Jay-Z’s Rocnation label, he has the backing of some of the greats of the genre. Sampling Kanye West’s Workout Plan for his song Work Out is as clever and slick as it sounds, the comparisons to West being obvious in the way he rhymes. That said, with another huge Hip Hop nominee here I can’t see J. Cole scoring a win tonight.

Nicki Minaj

The biggest name on the ballot, Nicki Minaj’s rise to world domination has been incredible. Defying conventions for both hip hop and females she cruises in her own lane between Rap and Pop, her show stealing support slot on the Britney tour being a testament to her unique genre. Super Bass is the biggest hit from any of these artists and she’s singlehandedly done more fore Female’s in hip hop in the last year than anyone before her. A well deserving winner, and one that ‘m sure would make a lot of people happy.


Though Bon Iver and Nicki Minaj are the obvious front runners to win, we could be in for yet another shock winner in 2012 in the form of Skrillex. It’s hard to deny how much of an effect on the dance music industry Sonny Moore has had.12 months ago, Dubstep was an underground, UK based dance scene slowly making its way into the charts. Through his unorthodox style taking the genre to extremes, people across the world started hearing the genre through Skrillex on the net. Though some may ask whether his music is even music, or simply random noises, i personally enjoy his most ridiculously over the top moments. The music industry has changed, and the effects of YouTube and downloading music makes Skrillex the perfect candidate to represent the new generation of music listeners.

So all in all I think there are 3 artists both worthy and capable of winning the award. With Bon Iver nominated for Record and Song I’m predicting that they are the group to beat. That said, Nicki Minaj and Skrillex are both worthy candidates in their own right and a win by the latter could be more surprising than Esperanza last year. Here’s my rundown of predictions and my picks.

Who Deserves it?
1) Bon Iver
2) Nicki Minaj
3) Skrillex
4) The Band Perry
5) J. Cole

Who Will Win?
1) Bon Iver
2) Skrillex
3) Nicki Minaj
4) The Band Perry
5) J. Cole

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