808s / Best Of 2010

Best of 2010: Best Single 20-11

20) Example – Won’t Go Quietly

One of the first songs I ever considered for an end of year list on release near the start of 2010, Won’t Go Quietly is Example’s best single so far. With a thumping bassline and meaningless but catchy lyrics, this club smash felt fresh all year.

19) Bruno Mars – Just The Way You Are (Amazing)

Undeniably one of the breakout stars of 2010, Bruno Mars featured on two worldwide hits with B.O.B. and Travie Mcoy. That said, his debut solo single is where his talent shines brightest. Just The Way You Are is such a well written song, and while some of those notes are impossible for most to reach, singing along is essential.

18) Eminem – Love The Way You Lie (Feat. Rihanna)

The thought of Eminem hooking up with Rihanna for a song wasn’t surprising. The song that would go on to become the biggest selling single of 2010 surely was though, Love The Way You Lie is so perfect for both of these world class artists. The real life parallels are obvious and not hidden away, making for the year’s most iconic chorus and the best Rap Song hookup since Empire State Of Mind.

17) Swedish House Mafia – One (Your Name) (Feat. Pharell)

The second entry by dance legends Swedish House Mafia on this list, One is here purely based on the stabbing electronic production. The best Dance song of the year by a long margin, the slick vocals from Pharell only make this song that bit more obsessive.

16) Cee Lo Green – F*ck/Forget You

A song that started life as an explicit lyric video on YouTube soon became the biggest FU anthem the industry has seen in years. It;s the sort of song that no matter who you are, or where you are, everyone has something or someone that they need to direct these lyrics to. Have to mention ‘She’s an Xbox, and I’m more Atari’ line that is just one of the many classics Cee Lo delivers here.

15) Ellie Goulding – Starry Eyed

It took me a while to realise the true brilliance of Starry Eyed, from that transient opening to the stuttered vocal production, but once I did, Ellie’s breakout hit is one I’ll remember from 2010. Starry Eyed is simply a joy to hear, making me smile each and every time it comes on my iPod.

14) Taio Cruz – Dynamite

For those in the US, 2010 was the year that Taio Cruz exploded onto the scene, both 2009 UK number 1 Break Your Heart and Dynamite selling millions of downloads. Dynamite may have Taio claiming he wearing all his ‘brands brands brands’ but one listen to that piano riff that holds the song together and your in eurodance heaven.

13) Kanye West – Runaway (Feat. Pusha T)

Outside of the epic 35 minute movie Kanye made to accompany Runaway, or the 3 minute vocoder solo that is all kinds of amazing, Kanye has one of his most honest and catchiest hooks of his career on this. Toasting to the douchebags and the jerkoffs has never been so exhilarating.

12) Rihanna – Only Girl (In The World)

Her third (and not last) entry in this countdown, RiRi owned 2010. As soon as I heard Only Girl for the first time, I knew she had the next Don’t Stop The Music on her hands. With a chorus even more epic than the club production behind it, Rihanna kept up her impeccable run of singles following the Rated R era. Undeniably a TUNE.

11) Alicia Keys – Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart

Alicia Keys owned the first half of 2010, always inside the top 10 and residing above others with her first number 1 album, this single from The Element Of Freedom is undoubtedly my favourite song of her long career. From that haunting synth opening to the truly emotional vocal delivery, something just clicks with this song, missing out on the top 10 of my list by a tiny margin.

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