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Best of 2010: Best Music Video

Coming into 2010, the expectations for music videos could not have been higher, opening the year with Single Ladies, and closing it with Bad Romance, it’s easy to forget just how many incredible videos there were in 2009. With Gaga setting the standard for Music Video events, and the VMAs being even bigger this year, 2010 lived up to the hype, and picking just 3 is terribly difficult.

I have excluded Kanye West’s Runaway from this list, mainly due to it being a short film with every track from the album featuring rather than one song. That said, it would undeniably be up there with these three videos.

3) Ciara – Gimmie Dat

A latecomer in the year, one watch of the video to Gimmie Dat, the 2nd single from Ciara’s upcoming 4th album Basic Instinct, cements the idea that Ciara has a huge hit on her hands. From the opening shots which see CC rocking a ‘FLY’ inflatable belt buckle, the video takes you through dance set pieces that showcase Ciara at her best. Her previous video Ride may have the sexiest moves this side of Single Ladies, but for sheer Ciara dance magic, Gimmie Dat is perfect. She rides along the floor on her knees while 15 guys leap frog over her. What more could you ask for? The fact this song failed to be a hit anywhere is just crazy, especially as Gimmie Dat one of her best videos to date.

2) Plan B – Prayin’

I really could have picked any of Plan B’s videos from 2010 for the runner up spot, the attention to detail and overall Prison/Celebrity styling being what makes his videos so incredible. While The Recluse comes close with its subtle flashes of symbolism and the way Strickland changes throughout, my selection had to be Prayin’. The contrast between harsh violence, and choreographed dance emphasises the same contrast found on the album, something Prayin’ achieves particularly well. The most consistent artist of 2010 in terms of music videos, all 5 of the videos from The Defamation Of Strickland Banks are a must watch.

1) Lady Gaga – Telephone (Feat. Beyoncé)

I like that both my top 2 picks feature Prisons, and choreographed dance. Gaga’s vision of Prison is just slightly more realistic though right? Talking seriously though, Lady Gaga and Beyoncé’s Telephone was undoubtedly the most anticipated, and eventually the best video of 2010. The hype surrounding it ended up breaking YouTube when the video was finally debuted, but this 10 minute amalgamation of crazy choreography; mass homicide; prison yard make out sessions; that yellow tape and some of the most insane outfits of the year made for a video that few can forget. It’s not her best video, that accolade still belongs with Paparazzi, or Bad Romance depending on my mood, but for featuring the now legendary ‘You’ve been a Bad Bad Girl Gaga’ scene Telephone is my personal favourite video of 2010.

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