Best Of 2010

Best of 2010: Best YouTube Channel

2010 has been a defining year for YouTube. Much more than simply a place to watch Music Videos, and viral videos with cats doing ‘crazy’ things, the community of YouTube has extended far beyond what anyone could have anticipated early on.

Here are my three favourite YouTube channels of 2010:

3) BarelyPolitical

Originally built as a comedy sketch channel hitting on current topics, Barely Political was host to a new show in late 2009 which went on to become 2010’s most viewed Parody show. The Key Of Awesome saw Mark and the team taking on the biggest chart hits and morphing them into some of the best videos the web has to offer. Their version of Ke$ha may even be better than the lady herself, lines like ‘I’m Like GaGa with less Grace, Can’t read my Tik Tok Blah Blah Face’ come one after another with her. Speaking of GaGa, their parody of the Telephone video, and subsequent encounters between the Lady and Katy Perry in ‘Don’t F*ck With The GaGa’ are better than any ‘impressions’ show you may see on TV. It’s the lyrics that make The Key Of Awesome so great, Beyonce plea of ‘Somebody help me cos I don’t wanna sing anymore, she’s got a gun to my head on the dancefloor’ being a personal favourite of mine.

2) RayWilliamJohnson

The concept is simple, review 3 viral videos every Tuesday and Thursday, and while nearly all of the laughs come from the videos themselves Ray William Johnson is the perfect host for a show like this. Unlike similar ideas seen on TV, such as Rude Tube, the videos mentioned here are actually viral-the whole point being that these are the clips people are watching right now, not 3 weeks ago. At 5 million views a video and over 2.4 million subscribers, the support is definitely there for Ray, and while I probably enjoyed his 2009 vlog channel BreakingNYC a little bit more,his main channel is undoubtedly one of YouTube’s highlights.

1) WheezyWaiter

Unknown to most until he featured in one of Meekakitty’s videos, one of YouTube’s top female’s, and best mate of RayWJ, Craig has fast become one of 2010 breakout stars. not quite vlogs, and not quite reports on the news, there is something both endearing and honest about the way Wheezy delivers his weekday videos. With more ‘in-jokes’ than is possible to fit into a single video, though he has tried, fans of his are the only people who understand just how amazing it is ‘When The Coffee’s Done’ or how dangerous ‘Explosion Wednesday’ can be. Craig and his clones, yes he has clones who perform his chores before being sent to the alligator pit under his house, so often go off on tangents, that the comedy keeps coming without feeling forced. It does take a while to get used to at first, his style is very specific, but in 2010, the latter part of it anyway, my reason for loading up YouTube every night was to see Craig’s latest video. The fact he has 60 handstand videos on his second channel just adds to randomness, only his ‘Beardlovers’ will ever truly appreciate his hard work in mastering the balancing act.

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