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Best Of 2010: Best Videogame Sequel

There comes a time in every gaming generation when new IP are hard to come by, the charts dominated by sequels to those games taht helped launch their respective systems. 2009 was one of these years, but with delays linked to both Modern Warfare 2’s upcoming release, and the economic state of the industry, there were plenty to find in 2010 too.

As a side note, I’ve excluded Red Dead Redemption from this list, despite being a ‘spiritual sucessor’ to Red Dead Revolver. You don’t think of it as a new title in a series, and so it’s excluded here (You’ll have to wait for my final game of the year list to see where it would have ended up placing).

3) Bioshock 2

Many thought a sequel to Bioshock, one of this generation’s finest games, was unecessary. I won’t dispute this fact, playing the first game is and experience every gamer should have. That said, necessary or not, Bioshock 2 is a damn good game in its own right. Taking you back to Rapture, this time as the first prototype Big Daddy, you find even more trouble under the sea, with Big Sister and her upgraded male counterpartsblocking your path at every turn. One of the best Single Player campaigns of the year, even if it could never live up to the original.

2) Final Fantasy XIII

I am a huge Final Fantasy fan, and so I came into 2010 majorly excited for XIII. I began to worry when the game began getting bad press though, early comments on just how linear the game was for the first 20 hours getting me down, even before I got my hands on the game. Fast forward to now, and while I agree the first half of the game is very slow, there hasn’t been an RPG as good as FFXIII on PS3 or 360 yet. Compared to other Final Fantasies, the game is dissapointing, but when you consider the pedigree of the series, it’s still ends up as one of the best games of 2010.

1) Super Mario Galaxy 2

Probably the best example of how to make a sequel to a game as good if not bettter than the original, Super Mario Galaxy 2 not only builds on everything Nintendo did right first time round, but makes it feel as fresh as the first time you jumped on a goomba in Super Mario Bros. So much more than just more levels for Galaxy, the new power ups and worlds feature the best 3D platforming the series has ever seen. It’s ironic that the two defining games for Wii so far are Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, but as sequels go, this may just be perfect.

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