Best Of 2010 / TV

Best of 2010: Best TV Moment [Spoiler Alert]

2010 has been a big year for TV, ranging from the end of two of the decades finest shows to Snooki just being Snooki. It’s hard to pick out just 3 of the most memorable moments from TV this year, we didn’t have an ‘Imma Let You Finish’ moment at this year’s VMAs for instance.

That said, here are my picks for Best TV Moment of 2010.

3) Russel Edgington goes CRAZY – True Blood

True Blood Season 3 may not have been as strong as its predecessors, but one moment in particular was shocking, enthralling and obscene all at the same time. The unexpected entrance of Vampire King Russel Edgington onto a news set didn’t end so well for the Newscaster. Holding the man’s spinal cord in his hand as he pledged Vampire dominance in front of the world, it ended up being the almighty climax of the series, which had been great so far. The head twisting sex scene did come close though, and if you have no idea what I mean by that, go and watch True Blood right now!

2) Jack Gets His Revenge – 24

Not the end of the series, but one of the most shocking endings to any episode of 24. Jack defies expectations following the death of one of his allies, finally cornering Dana as the episode reaches its climax. Rather than let her cut a deal like he has done every other time, he executes her in a scene far too reminiscent of when he was forced to do the same to colleague Ryan Chapelle in season 3. For die hard 24 fans, it was moments like this that kept the final season from feeling samey, I was genuinely shocked as the events unfolded.

1) The End – Lost

Unlike both my other picks, the final scenes of Lost were not shocking moments of intense action, or an unexpected twist. It was an ending that felt right, and that is why I’ve placed it at the top of my list. Leaving you with more questions than answers, despite explaining much more than I had anticipated, it couldn’t have ended any other way. Emotional, thought provoking and just a little confusing, it’s the one TV memory I won’t experience in the same way ever again. A deserved number 1, and the best you’ll get from me given that the Snooki Punch from Jersey Shore happened in 2009!

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