808s / Best Album / Top 10 Albums

Top 10 Albums – #2

Robyn – Robyn  2007

The Swedish know their pop music, and no record has defined this more than Robyn’s eponymous 4th album. From the opening strings of standout Be Mine!, to the thumping bassline of With Every Heartbeat, to the swagger seen on Konichiwa Bitches; Robyn makes you fall in love with her over the course of these 14 tracks. She breezes between personas delivering stunning vocals on distant ballads one minute and the next hitting the club to tell us she’s ‘too hot to wear tight sweaters on international airspace’. Robyn hits the mark everytime, pop music doesn’t get better than this.

Standout Single: Be Mine!
Hidden Gem: Cobrastyle
Similar Album: Kala M.I.A. – M.I.A. may be bonkers, but Kala is a fantastic record.

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