Why after 223 listens, a remix sounds slightly better.

I have 223 listens of Lady Gaga’s Alejandro on iTunes.

Though this seems a little extreme, it isn’t too far ahead of its nearest rival Rihanna’s Rude Boy on my list of most listened to records. But have I exhausted what is undeniably an amazing Pop record?

I may just have, as while revisiting the Skrillex remis of the song in question today, I found myself thinking of it as my new definitive version. Have a listen for yourself below while I continue…

Lady Gaga – Alejandro (Skrillex Remix) by Floriian.P

The song truly takes on a new form with the interpolation of so many vocal parts from Gaga’s record. It uses her voice as part of the production, unlike her usual verse structure where her chanting plays second fiddle to the beats behind it. It can be hard to distinguish the Latin flavoured pop joint inside this harsh, grinding mix of synth screeches and space age laser noises. In fact I think the stark contrast between the sweeping strings and these industrial dance sounds is what makes this such a rewarding listen.

I see it as a version of the song rather than a remix, and though I doubt it will ever truly replace my third favourite Gaga record from its position on my Top 25 Most Played songs, it will be a dance tune I am sure to revisit.

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