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Top 10 Albums – #9

Rated R – Rihanna – 2009

The follow up to Good Girl Gone Bad was set to be yet another Club infused R ‘n’ B disc. Instead Rated R was born from the Chris Brown scandal, giving Rihanna a harder, edgier and more defined sound. The Pop hooks are still present and correct, none more evident than career highlight Rude Boy, but the themes running through most songs enter Rihanna’s darkest territory yet. It’s these moments, such as the hints of dissonance in Russian Roulette and the suicide contemplation on The Last Song that make Rated R her most compelling and cohesive work to date.

Standout Single: Rude Boy
Hidden Gem: Cold Case Love
Similar Album: Love King –  The-Dream – Features moments just as dark with the same Club edge. 

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