Making it big Stateside

The hottest thing in music over in the US right now is the british. Starting a few years ago with acts like Coldplay and Amy Winehouse crossing the water, UK music has risen fever pitch.

Recently Jay Sean made headlines for reaching number one on the Billboard 100 the first Uk artist to do that for years. Today, Taio Cruz made a similar story, Break Your Heart jumping 52 places to claim to the top spot. It’s extroadinary to think how things have changed, but then you start to realise how these two songs were made for the US Market.

Jay Sean had Cash Money Records and specifically head honcho Lil Wayne on his side, his guest rap being a highlight of Down. That said, the song was created like this from the ground up, meaning the US was the intended Market from the get go.

Taio Cruz on the other hand had reached No1 in the UK months previous to the US release, Ludacris being tacked on in a quick attempt to interest some more rap loving punters. The song really shouldn’t have needed this, but perhaps we wouldn’t have a record breaking number one on our hands without it.

I personally have many questions for both Taio Cruz and Jay Sean, the main one being whether they will ever become ‘UK’ artists again. Jay may well be a lost cause, but here’s hoping we see another UK album campaign from Taio soon.

It is nice to see songs as good as Break Your Heart creating waves across the world, but is it wrong to want our artists back?

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