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New York 2010 Day 3: Queues, Views and more Queues

Today we attepted to take on two of the biggest sites in New York, Statue of Liberty and Empire State.Taking a train, which was in fact very much like those found in London, we made our way to the ferry station.

A very long queue later, feverishly weak tea in hand, we got onto the ferry towards Liberty Island; a bit more impressive than the Mersey Ferry to Liverpool!

With views of Manhatten you only get in the movies, it was an incredible way to visit Ms Liberty herself, and when we got there we found her to be even more impressive in the flesh, or Copper, or whatever she’s made from.

Hopping back on the subway, we reached The Empire State Building soon after grabbing a bite to eat. 2 hours of queueing later, and a Kevin Bacon starring Sky Ride experience that featured enough patriotism to make anyone feel queasy,  we made it to the top of the building. The best views of the city by a huge margin, we may not have stayed up there for too long, but it was something that anyone visiting New York needs to do.

After a few more lines to exit the building, yes that’s queueing to leave, we finally got back to the ground where our day’s events came to a close.

A fantastic meal down us (Matthew’s quote for today being ‘I feel heavily pregnant with a food baby!’, we head home for the night, wishing we hadn’t made the effort to go aboard the hilarious, but painful Sky Ride.

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