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New York 2010 Day 2: Love in the Air of NYC

Second day in the Big Apple, and it was go from the start. Walking down 5th avenue, we headed towards Central Park.
After a quick trip to the Apple Store, we got on board a horse drawn cart (Despite the price hike thanks to Valentine’s day). It let us see New York in a way we hadn’t up to this point, as a quiet, beautiful place. The crazy business of Time Square compared to the serenity seen in Central Park was enough to show me that New York has a lot more to it than I thought it did, a pleasant surprise.
The Zoo may have been relatively small, but seeing a Polar Bear in the flesh was enough to make it worth the effort.Valentine’s day loomed its head early in the day too, a wedding in the middle of central park being the second we’d seen so far (Grand Central station a day earlier)

We headed towards the Rockefeller Centre next, a stop that would let us catch a glimpse of New York from The Top of the Rock.

The views were incredible, and the added bonus of seeing a couple’s engagement made it feel much more special.

Hitting the brilliant Nintendo Store next, and picking up a Luigi mug while there, we made our way to Madame Tussauds ready to compare it to the delights of the London version. Despite not being as well designed as in the UK, seeing Rachael Ray in wax form was definitely an unexpected highlight.
I took plenty of video today too, so look for some sort of Vlog for today’s activities going online within the next week or so.

2 thoughts on “New York 2010 Day 2: Love in the Air of NYC

  1. Rachael Ray, legend!Loving the pictures, the snow looks great. Still seething with jealous down here, glad you're having a good time though!Looking forward to seeing some Vlogs too.

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