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The World’s Greatest Hits: The Colour of My Love – Celine Dion

The Colour of My Love  – Celine Dion – 1993

Claimed Sales: 20m

First listen?: Yes

Format Listened?: Apple Music

The biggest voice in Pop is back in The World’s Greatest Hits and this time with her true international breakthrough album, The Colour of My Love. Let’s get the biggest moment of this album out of the way first, Think Twice is not only the best song here, but it’ undoubtedly the best song that Celine Dion has ever released. It’s massive, but emotionally touching, it’s a powerful vocal performance, but lyrically holds up beneath it. It’s a tremendous song and the album would probably be worth the rating below based entirely on this song. It’s interesting that despite being her joint biggest hit here in the UK (alongside My Heart Will Go On of course), it only ever managed #95(!?!) in the US. Instead Jennifer Rush cover The Power of Love was the album’s biggest hit, a perfectly serviceable and vocally impressive rendition of the song that doesn’t really sound as exciting, or as emotive as the classic original. Sandwiched in between the two massive ballads is the first song that veers away from the big vocal ballads, the new jack swing of Misled is absolutely baffling, but sort of works thanks to an unfamiliar sassiness from Dion. Refuse to Dance follows suit, also stuck between the epic vocals of Love Doesn’t Ask Why and the mid tempo build of I Remember L.A. These palate cleansers help to alleviate the never ending threat of the next massive note from Celine, leaving the likes of the sickly sweet When I Fall In Love and the Barbara Streisand soundalike moment Only One Road feeling a bit pointless. As an album and much like every other album of Celine’s I have covered, it certainly does the trick of showing off that voice. It may not have the consistency or memorable songs of Let’s Talk About Love, but it manages to avoid the ridiculous pitfalls of Falling Into You. The Colour of My Love is a perfectly fine introduction to one of the defining voices of the decades to follow.

Rating: 7/10

Will I listen again?: Probably not.

Best Track: Think Twice would be the best track on most of the albums released in the 90s.

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