808s / The World's Greatest Hits

The World’s Greatest Hits: Back In Black – AC/DC

Back In Black  – AC/DC – 1980

Claimed Sales: 50m

First listen?: Yes

Format Listened?: Apple Music

The opening 30 seconds of the title track would be enough to justify pretty much any album’s place in a series like this. It’s just a shame that I didn’t enjoy the other 41m41s of Back in Black as much. It’s just not for me, I do really enjoy some rock music, but there’s something about lead singer Brain Johnson’s screaming that turns me off instantly. In context, Back In Black was an unexpectedly massive success, sadly in part due to extensive coverage following the sudden death of previous lead singer Bon Scott. It’s so crazy to think that literally a few months after the band nearly called it quits they produced such a high energy album. Back In Black is relentless, it’s an endless torrent of the sort of massive rock anthems that the band were touring the world with. For me it gets a bit tedious after a while, while there’s tracks as timeless as You Shook Me All Night Long, everything else kind of blends into one. Have A Drink On Me, Given The Dog A Bone and What You Do for Money Honey could be easily mistaken for each other, even if the riffs are always big and the drums always crashing around that crazed vocal. It’s strange, even though I didn’t find myself enjoying much of Back In Black, it manages to capture the energy of Ac/DC’s live show perfectly, which I imagine is why it resonated with so many people across the world. It’s loud and predictable, but totally easy to understand.

Rating: 5/10

Will I listen again?: No

Best Track: It’d be between the two biggest hits here, and while that intro to Back In Black is truly one of the best in Rock, I have to go with the easier listen of You Shook Me All Night Long here.

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