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The UK’s Greatest Hits: 54. Tango In The Night – Fleetwood Mac


Tango In The Night  – Fleetwood Mac – 1987

First listen?: Yes

One of the best albums I covered in last year’s portion of The UK’s Greatest Hits was Rumours by Fleetwood Mac. Released a decade after that breakthrough album, Tango In The Night was both the band’s most commercially successful record since, but also sounds like a true sequel to their trademark album. Opener Big Love is all rolling drums and reverb heavy guitar riffs with Lindsay Buckingham’s soaring vocal kicking things off in epic fashion. Everywhere is the biggest hit here, the Christine McVie hit being the most straightforward pop leaning song here. It’s noticeable that comparing Tango In The Night to Rumours, this is a distinctively 80s sounding album. Big guitars solos are everywhere, most notably on the thundering title track. It’s also noticeable that each member has their own unique style to songwriting and performing. Welcome To The Room…Sara sees Stevie Nicks reliving her stint in rehab, which along with some of the Buckingham songs feels oddly separate to the rest of the album both enjoying solo success at this point of Fleetwood Mac’s career. In fact it’s what holds Tango In The Night back from reaching the same heights of Rumours for me. There isn’t a bad track on here, but as an album it feels more like a collection of separate hits than a tight group. Save for on Seven Wonders and especially the biggest hit Little Lies, there’s very few moments where the group comes together for the sort of harmony and layered vocals that make The Chain my favourite Fleetwood Mac song. Tango In The Night is still a brilliant album, which makes me wonder why I still haven’t fully lost myself in the rest of Fleetwood Mac’s extensive back catalogue just yet.
Rating: 8/10

Will I listen again?: Yes, this time I swear I will listen to every one of their albums.

Best Track: Picking a best track here is difficult, Little Lies or Everywhere would seem like the most straightforward choice given their popularity, but for me the opening track has this energy not seen on the rest of the album. For me it has to be Big Love.

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