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The UK’s Greatest Hits: Bonus Tracks


Just over a year ago I completed my favourite blog series I’ve ever worked on. Over the course of 8 weeks I published an article every weekday counting down the top 40 biggest selling albums of all time in the UK. It was an opportunity to finally sit down and listen to classics like Brothers In Arms by Dire Straits, rediscover albums I’ve grown up with like Lady Gaga’s The Fame and even suffer through two whole Dido albums. To mark the 60th anniversary of the very first UK Album Chart an updated and extended list of the top 60 selling albums of all time was released by the Official Charts Company. I thought what better time to update the order of albums in last year’s list as well as listen to the 20 ‘new’ albums I have to add to it. Only one new album has broken into the top 40, no prizes for guessing who that is, but there are some classic albums in the extended lower half of the list. I’ll be uploading the an album every weekday as before for the next 4 weeks, so be sure to follow me over on Twitter (@Atkins_Sam) where I’ll be sharing extra tidbits and opinions on these 20 huge albums.

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