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Best of 2015: Top 40 Singles

Jason_Derulo_Want_to_Want_Me30) Want To Want Me – Jason Derulo

Yes this song was unavoidable for most of 2015. Yes, the first line sounds like Jason is having the shits on the floor. Do I care? Not at all. Want to Want Me is at least top 3 on the ‘Derulo Namecheck’ scale too.



King_Kunta29) King Kunta – Kendrick Lamar

The funkiest song of 2015, King Kunta is a shining moment on To Pimp A Butterfly where Kendrick manages to deliver a killer hook, all while managing to take down just about everyone else in the rap industry. It delivers that blend of his so effortlessly, undeniably fun, but thrilling at the same time. Probably the best entry point if you’ve never heard Kendrick before.

Taylor_Swift_-_Style28) Style – Taylor Swift

There are about 4 other songs from 1989 that would have appeared on this list had Taylor Swift released them as singles in 2015. As it stands though, Style is the best of those that were pushed. Miami Vice in a tight little skirt, Style manages to play to Taylor’s strengths as a ‘catwalk performer’ effortlessly. It’s not the best single she has ever released, despite what some of the twitter-verse will lead you to believe, but my god is it a banging pop tune.


Take_Your_Time_Sam_Hunt27) Take Your Time – Sam Hunt

Technically released in late 2014, when it comes to a song that became one of my most played of 2015 I just couldn’t disqualify it here. Sam Hunt may seem like Macklemore with a guitar to some, but there’s something about his gravelly tone that gets me in a way only a country singer can. Take Your Time manages to showcase Hunt’s style perfectly, while being the crossover smash that it undeniably sounds like.

Ballad_of_the_Mighty_I_Noel_Gallagher's_High_Flying_Birds26) Ballad of the Mighty I – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

I must say, prior to last year I wouldn’t have gone near a Noel Gallagher song. Not because I didn’t like them, I just never gave any of them enough of my time. Ballad of the Mighty I is such an anomaly though, it’s such a strange song for one, with a chorus made up of about 4 layers of vocals and a pulsating guitar riff that barely lets up for the whole 5 minute track. It’s like an Oasis song that’s been given a disco remix, you’d half expect a Nile Rodgers riff to appear 3 minutes in. It stood out for me for some reason and has to be included here.

Kiss_Me25) Kiss Me – Olly Murs

Kiss Me is to Olly Murs what Disco Love was to The Saturdays. A song so far out of their league, a good artist performing an amazing song. Undeniably the best thing Olly Murs has ever released, this very nearly makes up for the travesty that was Thinking of Me. Nearly.


Ciara_-_Dance_Like_We're_Making_Love_(Official_Single_Cover)24) Dance Like We’re Making Love – Ciara

Can a song title be so perfect for an artist as this? Sex and Dance; the future title of Ciara’s autobiography. Dance Like We’re Making Love is the sexiest song Ciara has released since a certain Justin Timberlake duet, with the operatic vocals of Promise alongside the dancing beats of Overdose. A CiCi classic even if I don’t mention that the video is the best of her career.


FourFiveSeconds23) FourFiveSeconds – Rihanna and Kanye West and Paul McCartney

Who knew one of the best songs of the year would see a Beatle, the generation’s most successful popstar and a future US President Candidate join forces. FourFiveSeconds is hated by most, but I can’t help but love it. Rihanna delivers a career standout vocal, her voice is free for what seems like the very first time, while Kanye and Paul make this an event of a sing-song. Kumbaya for the club.


Queen_of_Peace22) Queen of Peace – Florence and the Machine

The centerpiece of the electrifying How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful album, Queen of Peace demands your attention from those opening thumping drums. It’s like a call to arms to follow Florence to the end of the earth that only becomes even more thrilling when performed live. Queen of Peace certainly delivered on the first of the three things the album promised, this is a BIG song.


Madonna_Ghosttown21) Ghosttown – Madonna

Ghosttown is the best Madonna single in 7 years.




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