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The Final Fantasy: Introduction

FFVII’m sure I’ll regret this introduction once I’m a game in and have less than a month left, but I’ve been meaning to start this for a long time. I love Final Fantasy. You only have to look here, here, here or even here to know that I’m a massive fan of the series. What you might not realise is that I have a deep dark secret, one that I’ve kept well hidden for years (except all over Twitter, but we’ll ignore that for now); I’ve not completed every main series FF game.

There was a time when I would more easily count the amount of FF games that I had completed, rather than those that are yet to be conquered, but in 2015 I’m edging towards the finish line. I’ve always wanted to say I have completed all 12 of these main series games (The online pair, XI and XIV thankfully don’t count here) so I’m setting myself the task of getting it done in the form of a blog series.

My progress on each of the games as it currently stands:

Final Fantasy: I have played around 6 hours of this back on PSP, but not much else. INCOMPLETE
Final Fantasy II: I’ve played even less of the second game. Probably 2 hours. INCOMPLETE
Final Fantasy III: The earliest entry I can say I’ve completed in its DS remake form. COMPLETED
Final Fantasy IV: So so close to finishing it, I’m massively underlevelled but in the final dungeon. INCOMPLETE
Final Fantasy V: The game I’m currently making my way through, I’m about 2/3rds there. INCOMPLETE
Final Fantasy VI: I’m appalled to say that I’ve never made it past the 5 hour mark here. INCOMPLETE
Final Fantasy VII: The game that I finally completed last year. Yes. It took me 17 years. COMPLETED
Final Fantasy VIII: The first FF game I played, but not the first I completed. COMPLETED
Final Fantasy IX: This was the first I owned and the first I managed to complete. Still a classic. COMPLETED
Final Fantasy X: Do I really need to answer this. COMPLETED
Final Fantasy XII: One of the toughest games to make it to the end of here. COMPLETED
Final Fantasy XIII: It may have taken a few months, but I’ve conquered this and sequel XIII-2. COMPLETED

That means I have 5/12 games still to completed. Of course it wouldn’t be much of a blog worthy task if I didn’t at least try to give myself a deadline. I’m tempted to aim for the release date of FFXV, but as this could be anything from January 2016 to December of 2017, this might be too long. Instead the deadline for having completed the remaining 5 games is going to be 2015, giving me a month each for the games.


This is definitely a stupid decision though, so I will use the FFXV release as an overall deadline, depending on the potential for an extension on the time needed, or the games I’m aiming to complete. I’m very tempted to extend the games out to include spin off titles, such as Crisis Core, Lightning Returns, FF Tactics, but I may also stick to the main 12 games and attempt to complete ALL of them before FFXV. I think it’s important to keep things smaller for now as I’m notorious for starting this like this and never getting around to completing them.

As it stands, my plan is for an article a month on my overall progress, as well as the potential for a game specific article with my immediate thoughts/regrets. I’d like this to be a collaborative effort too, so as always I’ll be tweeting my progress with #TheFinalFantasy. Given my inexperience with FFF, FFII and FFVI I’ll be needing some help with bosses, exploration and keeping my sanity through it all. Any suggestions on the best versions of the early games to play is much appreciated too.

I’m making my way through FFV as we speak, so hopefully this time next month I’ll have lots to talk about.

Which Final Fantasy games have you never completed? Leave a comment below:

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