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Christina Milian She’s A Diva Tour – Setlist Predictions

Christina_Milian_1205bCultural icon, hitmaker, Hollywood superstar, Multi-Grammy Award nominated sensation; you know who I’m talking about. Christina Milian should need no introduction. Known to many, loved by some of them, she’s the often disputed queen of the RnB/Hip-Hop/Pop/Dance crossover genre. One thing she’s yet to achieve? A sell out worldwide tour, which is exactly what the ‘She’s A Diva Tour’ will be. *1

1) A.M. to P.M.
2) Whatever You Want (Feat. Joe Budden)

As the lights dim, the iconic opening of Christina’s It’s About Time album begins. ‘It’s about time you get to know me’ echoes across the arena*2 while additional lines are added to succinctly sum up the 9 years since she was last on the charts. The lights begin to come up to a blinding level, before our superstar belts out ‘Somebody hit the lights’ as the lights suddenly go dark other than one spotlight on her silhouette. As the main song kicks in we see Christina at the top of a ramp. As the song’s second chorus begins she rides a rubber ring down the slope, recreating the iconic moment from the A.M. to P.M. music video. The song blends seamlessly into Whatever You Want as at least 4 dancers emerge from the floor and perform the same tightly choreographed, though slightly repetitive dance routine from the video.

3) You Make Me Laugh
4) I Can Be That Woman
5) Twitch
6) Just A Little Bit

As Christina introduces herself to the audience she kicks off a storming run of album deep cuts with You Make Me Laugh. Performed with a storyline, where her dancers attempt to make Christina laugh by doing ‘hilarious’ dance moves, it gets the crowd going just as wild as before. The section includes a fan’s favourite I Can Be That Woman and the ‘could have been top 40’ song from her third album Just A Little Bit. Christina leaves the stage to slightly more applause than earlier.

7) Gonna Tell Everybody
8) It’s All Gravy (Acoustic) [Contains elements of Highway, Get Away, I’m Sorry and Foolin’]
9) Oh Daddy
10) Us Against The World

‘The Milian’ emerges from the back of the stage again, taking a seat on the steps next to her backing singer who is luckily also her guitarist for the ballad section she has always wanted to perform. The nearly a single Gonna Tell Everybody kicks things off, while Oh Daddy from her second album showcases her improved vocals. It’s the Acoustic version of classic Romeo collaboration It’s All Gravy that is the most well received though. Extended with additional verses from 4 of her other mid-tempo tracks, it’s by far the longest song of the night so far. A dramatic version of Us Against The World alone with a microphone stand ends the section on an emotional note as fans realise that they forgot to buy it on release.

11) When You Look At Me
12) Between You And Me
13) Ain’t No Reason/Cryin’ (Aerosmith Cover)

The opening of genuine top 10 hit When You Look At Me makes the crowd start singing along as a book with a dreary cover descends from the ceiling. It spins around to reveal Christina lay down in the blue denim combo she wore in the original video. As the book hits the ground the song suddenly changes into Ja Rule duet Between You And Me. The music video plays on the small screen as Ja Rule wasn’t available to re-record  footage for the tour. The fictional hit Ain’t No Reason from the critically rated Be Cool is performed with massive pyrotechnics before a solo version of Cryin’ from the same film.

14) Twisted/Rebel
15) Call Me Beep Me (Acapella)
16) Believer

As the show heads towards its big finale, So Amazin’ album track and recent track Rebel are mashed together to make space for something extra special. Kim Possible’s voice can be heard across the arena, saying one of her catch phrases with Christina before she performs an acapella singalong version of the theme tune. As the ongoing chants of Milian comes to a close a piano has been wheeled onto stage. The most heartfelt moment of the night, Believer elicits the same response from the audience that it did for Steven Tyler in Be Cool. *3

17) Play (Feat Jennifer Lopez)
18) Hello
19) Say I

It’s a well known fact that it was thanks to Christina Milian’s incredible songwriting talent and performance talent that catapulted Jennifer Lopez from a household name to an even bigger household name. Returning the favour J.Lo appears at at least one of the dates on the tour to perform Play with the person who sang most of it in the first place. Keeping the pace up Christina goes into a full dance performance of ARIA Song of the Year nominee Hello, which explodes into Say I performed totally alone.

20) Dip It Low (Extended Mix)

The obvious encore the monumental club phenomenal that is Dip It Low. With Christina feeling inspired by the Watch The Throne tour she performs an extended version of the song where she dips it low a total of 24 times. Asking the audience to join in with the original choreography makes this final the highlight of the tour, with only around 7-9 foot or back injuries per night. As Christina writhes around in oil for yet another 3 minutes, she descends beneath the stage as the lights come up. A night few will forget. She’s definitely a diva.

*1 The She’s A Diva Tour does not exist. (Even though you all know that it should)
*2 No Arena dates have been announced yet, as no dates have been announced.
*3 ‘Damn she’s good!!’

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