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The UK’s Greatest Hits: 24. Crazy Love – Michael Bublé

Crazy_LoveCrazy Love – Michael Bublé – 2009

First listen?: No

There’s a few glaring omissions on this list of the biggest sellers of all time, most notably acts from the 60s and earlier. Many would assume to see someone like Frank Sinatra in this list, but instead we have to settle for Michael Bublé; Mum and X Factor favourite of the last decade. Though in recent years he’s gone full circle into a parody of himself, sort of an impersonator of a Frank Sinatra impersonator, back in 2009 everyone loved Michael Bublé. Crazy Love probably isn’t his best album, I’d personally go with his breakout record It’s Time, but it has what nothing else of his albums before could manage; a bonafide radio hit. Just Haven’t Met You Yet was the peak of Bublé’s career, a song that 6 years on still gets regular spins on UK radio. It’s simple, accessible and god damn catchy to boot, playing to Bublé’s strengths as a Jazz Standard singer while remaining firmly lodged in the pop sound of the time. The rest of Crazy Love is unfortunately less distinctive, save for the now infamously overplayed opener Cry Me A River. With production nearly as massive as the vocal, it’s a shame that there have been so many performances of this song done by so many people over the years as the ‘original’ (if you can even call it that) is still pretty great. Tracks like Heartache Tonight and Georgia On My Mind are pleasant enough, but overall the album is way too predictable to be anything but nice background music. That’s no bad thing though and as many family members of yours and certainly mine can attest to, Michael Bublé albums are great ‘kitchen music’. A genre the UK seems to need a lot of if this list is any indication.

Rating: 5/10

Will I listen again?: Probably. When I’m visiting my parents it’s pretty much a given that a Michael Bublé album, possibly Crazy Love, will be played at some point.

Best Track: Just Haven’t Met You Yet is still an irritatingly catchy tune isn’t it?

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