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London 2012: My Olympics – Day 11

Which sports did I watch today?

Athletics, Triathlon, Cycling (Track)

Golden moment of the day – GB Triathlon brothers take a medal each

I missed nearly all of the action on Day 11, having to catch up on an incredibly exciting day full of close races and games. The Men’s Triathlon was one of the biggest surprises of them all, as brothers Alistair and Jonny Brownlee took the Gold and Bronze medals respectively. I can’t comprehend being able to do the Triathlon, at least the Decathlon and Heptathlon events are spread out over a few days. Here it’s one huge race to the finish line, swimming, cycling and running a huge distance. How the Brownlee brothers were able to function afterwards is beyond me, and both thoroughly deserved their medals!

Athlete of the day – Chris Hoy (Great Britain)

The British team are dominating so I have to go for another here. Chris Hoy won his 6th Gold Medal today, the most of any British Athlete ever when combined with his Silver. The Kierin is such a fun event to watch, the thought of riding that motorised bike that leads them for the first few laps is enough to make it a must watch every time the Cycling is on. Sir Chris Hoy was already a legend in the GB Team and he continued to prove exactly why today.

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