Best of 2011

Best of 2011: Best YouTube Video #5-1

5) What’s My Name – GloZell1

A video that came out just 2 days into 2011, I probably sing Banana along to What’s My Name as much as I do Oh Na Na!

4) Nicki Minaj Super Bass Cover – SophiaGraceBrownlee

A Viral Hit no one could avoid, Sophia Grace showed that her ‘hype girl’ cousin and her were not only adorable, but she could sing. The controversial song choice made for an amazing moment on Ellen, where Nicki Minaj planned to buy ‘The Clean Version!’ of her album for the girls.

3) Friday – Rebbeca

No introduction needed, just know that you gotta get down on Friday and have some Fun Fun Fun Fun.

2) Nyan Cat – saraj00n

I found it very difficult to pick between the last two videos. Both are guarenteed to bring a smile to my face and make me laugh uncontrollably for no reason at all. What else is there to say here other than Nyanyanyanyanyannyanyanyanyannyanyanyanyannyanyanyanyannyanyanyanyan!

1) Mr Ghetto: Walmart – weatheman09

Sadly deleted from the video’s original account, most likely due to the song being one of the greatest ever recorded. Lyrically phenomenal it tells a first person account of Mr Ghetto’s trip to Walmart, where lyrics like ‘she got her basket basket basket ba ba ba ba basket’ go deep into those listening. Possibly the worst song and video ever made, and yet who can deny that hook of ‘WALLY WALLY WALLY WALLY WORLD’ and a dance routine that you know you wish you could pull off. Walmart has to be my favourite YouTube clip of 2011!

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