Best of 2011

Best of 2011: Best Youtube Video #10-6

Kicking things off on my end of year roundup is a list of my favourite Viral Video hits of the year. Music Videos don’t count, but pretty much anything else on YouTube does.

10) asdfmovie4 – TomSka

This video makes the list for a 3 second section that happens 30 seconds in. I laugh uncontrollably each and every time I see it.

9) Like Mah Status – MilesJaiProductions

A choice that will divide readers, it’s understandable why some would find MilesJai’s over the top style of dealing with his issues on Facebook too much to handle. All I know is that after seeing it for the first time, I watched this on repeat for days and days. ‘Like Mah Status if you Like Mah Status!!’

8) Born This Way Parody- BarelyPolitical

I had the choice of 3 Key of Awesome parodies here, and while their ET and On The Floor ones are amazing, I opted for another GaGa one. From start to finish this Parody nails the ridiculousness of GaGa’s own video, the ‘wait did I mention that I’m down with gays’ line making for laughs over and over again.

7) Madonna Loathes Hydrangeas – Heresandrew

An extremely short video that shows Madonna at her most Diva. Remind me never to buy Hydrangeas for Madge unless I want to fall on her bad side.

6) Can’t Hug Every Cat Song – Schmoyo

Much like my favourite video of 2010, the song version of a viral hit proves to be even better than the original. The video may have turned out to be a fake, but for the few months I believed it was real I think I REALLY LOVED cats just as much as her!

Click here for number 5-1 of this list.

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