I need to hire my own train to write reviews on…

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In regards to my writing work while at university, the biggest change to my lifestyle has been exactly when I sit down to write my reviews. It used to be a mixture between late at night midweek, and my lazy Sundays, where a fully developed article could take me most of the day.

Nowadays though, and this has been the case each and every time I have made the trip home, the most productive time for me to write is while on the train to and from home. Whether I happen to have my laptop with me, or just write the first draft on my Blackberry/iPod, I will always use the 2 hours it takes to get back to Liverpool to the fullest. Last week for instance I wrote 800 words on Dead Space 2, in just the first half of the trip, while that sort of length review can take a few hours of procrastinating while in my room at uni.

Maybe I don’t need a train, but what I do need is a separate place for my writing. Not an office, just a space, away from obvious distractions to get my mind in gear to be ‘inspired’

Sorry for the random post today (and the lack of them for a while), that said at first glance, February has blown my record January views away already!

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