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Best of 2010: Best Game

The final (maybe) list I’ll be posting is my top 5 games of 2010. Just a few words on why each was a must play this year.

5) Final Fantasy XIII

It may be the weakest entry in the series since the SNES days, but there’s no denying that Final Fantasy XIII is the best JRPG on PS3. The game is as linear as they come, but with one of the best combat systems in years, and a cast that are genuinely intriguing, it’s an experience I will remember come 2011.

4) Vanquish

Vanquish was a game I never expected to end up on this list. I hadn’t even planned to get a copy of the game until I was asked to review it, and so went in knowing very little about the product. It may be surprisingly short, only about 5/6 hours until the credits roll but as an all out, explosive, knee sliding, futuristic experience, it was a genuine joy to play from start to end. 2010’s underrated classic.

3) Super Mario Galaxy 2

Asking whether you should play the latest entry in the Mario series was one of 2010’s most pointless questions. Super Mario Galaxy 2 featured everything that made the original so good and yet still found time to take the plumber through some of his most exciting levels yet. It may not have been 2010’s most innovative title, but for sheer platforming thrills, Galaxy 2 is unmatched.

2) Red Dead Redemption

Though in franchise/name terms a sequel to Red Dead Revolver, Redemption saw Rockstar delivering their promise of a game that would be so much more than simply a Western GTA. With an atmosphere that rivals the great Westerns of old, John Marston’s adventure to save his family was incredibly enjoyable. I still haven’t finished Red Dead, but will do soon, but even before I’ve reached the conclusion, I know that Redemption will be the first Rockstar game I actually complete. I was never a huge fan of GTA, but riding into the wilderness and skinning some wild deer ended up being some of my best gaming memories of 2010.

1) Heavy Rain

Following the company’s last game, the incredible Fahrenheit, I knew I would enjoy Heavy Rain. What I wasn’t ready for was just how good the final experience would be. The most emotive, engaging and well written storyline I’ve experienced this generation, I was gripped from start to finish. The way that your actions changed the plot were impressive, and this meant that in 2010, I completed Heavy Rain no fewer than 4 times. Heavy Rain isn’t perfect, dodgy voice work and plot holes for instance, but it’s an experience everyone, gamer or non gamer will find thrilling. 2010 was Heavy Rain’s year, and the story of the Origami Killer was one I’ll remember, and probably experience again, well into 2011.

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