808s / Best Album / Top 10 Albums

Top 10 Albums – #1

808s & Heartbreak – Kanye West  2008

Obvious to anyone who noticed the obvious hint in this Blog’s name, 808s & Heartbreak is everything that makes Kanye West stand out as the best artist of the 21st century. It’s controversial, effortlessly produced, catchy and is unlike anything he has recorded before. With tribal drums jarring against the heavily autotuned vocals, Kanye creates an aural experience unmatched by any of his peers. It’s an album of moments: the instrumental build up near the end of Love Lockdown; the moment the chorus of Robocop sweeps in; the off mic laughs when Kanye messes up the start of Paranoid, to name just a few.

Both sides of the title are equally matched, the production being his best work to date, only emphasising the emotion that pours from the robotic character he adopts throughout. It may not have defined his career on release, but in 10 years time, this album will still resonate with listeners. 808s & Heartbreak is a timeless record, and fully deserves its position at the top of this list.

Standout Single: Heartless
Hidden Gem: RoboCop
Similar Album: VH1 Storytellers Kanye West – The essential live versions of the best tracks from 808s.

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