808s / Best Album / Top 10 Albums

Top 10 Albums – #6

Love vs MoneyThe-Dream2009

It’s very rare for an album that features so few potential singles to feel complete, but one listen to the frequent jaw dropping moments in Love vs Money and singles become irrelevant. With no silence between tracks, a moment such as the switch from the excitement in Take U Home 2 My Mama to the darkness of the titular two parter is incredible. Obviously a producer’s album, though Dream knows his way around a pun or two, who else can work wonders with 6 minutes of monotony in Fancy before exploding into infectious beats for all of 20 seconds?

Standout Single: Rockin’ That Shit
Hidden Gem: Love vs Money Pts 1 & 2
Similar Album: Fantasy Ride Ciara – Dream’s contributions here only improve the already sexy Ciara vibe.

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