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New York 2010 Day 5: Death By Chocolate

These blogs seem to have gotten shorter and shorter as the week has gone on, but we still did plenty on our last full day in NYC.

We hopped on the train to visit Little Italy, the Little part of the name being apt here, and visited the oldest Coffee shop in New York. 120 years after opening, the cakes and coffee is still worth trying.

We left Little Italy and begun to explore more of the city, checking out the Washington park and paper thin building created to make your eyes go funny.
Lunch inside the Sony plaza, watched by a massive Spiderman model, and a trip to Bloomingdalesfinished our day, the fantastic meal later that night only making the day sweeter.
Don’t be expecting the final blog tommorow, as I’ll be mid flight when I’d usually upload one. Expect to hear more once I’m back in britain.

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