A problem I’ve struggled to overcome since I began writing about games nearly two years ago, distractions such as the internet and my current music playlist always seem to get in the way.

Being distracted by the internet creates this stop start way of working meaning a review can take hours longer to write than it should. Sitting at a computer for 5 hours one night should allow me to write multiple AAA pieces, but often I get so caught up doing other things that I never actually get round to the work I was meant to complete. Writing the whole thing in 20 minutes once I finally do though is the proof of this lack of concentration, and it frustrates me each and every time it happens.

I have improved though, and of late, I’ve been able to get a whole review done in double quick time, essential if I do as I plan to and spend the same amount of time editing it down so its a must read.

A constant learning curve to hone the skill of writing, being distracted is a symptom I suffer with far too frequently.

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