Best Of 2010 / TV

Best of 2010: Best TV Show

2010 saw the end of 3 of my favourite TV shows, Ugly Betty, 24 and Lost. But how many final seasons have made it into my list of best TV shows of 2010?

3) Lost – Season 6

The first season of Lost will be regarded as one of my favourite seasons of TV ever. Once in its third season though, I had grown very tired of the plodding narrative that seemed to think that being confusing was the best way to appear intelligent. Luckily the seasons that followed took a distinctively more Sci-Fi turn, with some incredible new characters and ideas making an appearance in the second half of Lost’s story. The final season drew all of the best elements of the show together, and with a strong focus on Jacob and ‘The Man In Black’ it was one the best seasons of 2010.

2) Modern Family – Season 2

At the start of 2010, I would not have expected a comedy show to appear in my end of year list, but after ploughing through the entire of season 1 in a single day, I had discovered the best comedy show on TV since Will and Grace. With the characters already introduced, Season 2 (halfway through its run) has taken the Pritchatt family into even more extreme situations in the name of comedy. Each episode has you laughing from start to finish, whether that be due to the constant squawking of Gloria, the knockout lines that Cameron and Mitchell deliver to each other, or just how awkward Phil really is.

1) Dexter – Season 5

It’s not surprising that Dexter has topped my list of 2010 shows, seeing how season 4 would top a list of my all time favourite seasons. After the shock ending left in 2009, S5 could have taken so many directions, and while at first I was unsure of the sudden addition of another ‘damaged’ female protagonist in Lumen, by the end I was wiping away the tears that so often accompany my Dexter watching sessions. Jordon Chase is one of the best villains seen on TV this year, and with some truly incredible moments in each and every episodes, Dexter Season 5 was my favourite TV show of 2010.

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