The Dexter Effect

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Dexter is my favourite TV show.

I didn’t expect it to be, mainly due to my naivety that TV couldn’t get better than 24, but after watching the current 4 seasons I came to a solid conclusion. The thing that dexter does better than anything else I have ever seen is it’s success in toying with your ethics. You allow him to perform all sorts of gruesome, graphic and violent acts towards his victims, and yet when he lays eyes on another woman than Rita it’s a problem.

This double standard is part of the reason Dexter is so effective in bringing you inside the mind of the lead character; following Harry’s code becomes as important to the audience as it is to Dexter. This also means that when the audience relates to aspects of his character, the tension created is incredible, as you question your own ethics and what is truly right and wrong.

I also recently experienced The Godfather trilogy for the first time, and emerged with a similar feeling of ethical double standard. It’s much more than simply experiencing a story from the ‘bad guy’s’ point of view, you feel truly sorry for these characters.

Feeling guilty about sympathising with Dexter is all part of the experience, these two emotions that rarely act simultaneously adding to rush the show delivers.

Make sure you experience both Dexter, which returns this September, and The Godfather Trilogy. I would highly recommend both to anyone who’s ethics don’t mind being tested.

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